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Orchard Lane Ditchling East Sussex BN6 8TH UK

Court Garden Opera

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pop-up opera cimarosa

Englebert Humperdink

Hansel & Gretel

Tickets £30
Finger food in the interval (included in the cost of the ticket)

  • Saturday 11th November 2017 6:30pm

  • Sunday 12th November 2017 5:00pm

Please email to be notified of any returns for either performance.

Alzheimer’s Society

Composed by Englebert Humperdink in 1893 and based on the Fairy Tale by the Grimm brothers. Magical and dark, this is perhaps the most popular operatic fairy tale of them all. Brother and sister Hansel & Gretel are drawn into the idyllic yet dangerous world of the forest, where they encounter the Sandman, the Dew Fairy and, most frightening of all, the Witch.

In the dizzying excitement of the Witch’s Ride and the serene beauty of the children’s evening prayer, Humperdinck’s music magically evokes the contrasting worlds of the story. A story that will enchant and thrill, a wintry delight.

Popup Opera

Pop-up Opera is an innovative touring opera company dedicated to making opera enjoyable and inviting, without losing the quality of musical performance. Their aim is to broaden the appeal of opera and to challenge the way opera is performed, by taking it into unusual spaces and making it fun, fresh and intimate.

Productions are fully staged, then adapted to each new space they go into, making every performance unique. Performances showcase exciting new operatic talent, professional opera singers in the first stage of promising careers. They aim to bring pleasure to those who are hesitant about opera, as well as to dedicated opera lovers; to open the hidden door to this art form and make even more seasoned opera goers feel like they have been given a secret backstage pass. Find out more about Pop-up Opera.

“A two-hour explosion of beautiful music, top-class singing, and exceptional acting... I honestly cannot imagine anyone, of any age or class or tastes, who would have been bored or unmoved.”

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