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pop-up opera tragedie de carmen

Pop-up Opera will perform

Peter Brook’s

La Tragédie de Carmen

Tickets £35
Finger food in the interval (included in the cost of the ticket)

  • Saturday 22nd September 2018 7:30pm

  • Saturday 3rd November 2018 7:30pm

Alzheimer’s Society

This is what they say:

A reimagining of Bizet’s famous masterpiece by Peter Brook.
 Collaborating with composer Marius Constant, Brook focused his work on the tragic tale of the four characters who lie at the heart of the original piece. Their intense interaction creates a moving and thought-provoking drama, filled with much of Bizet’s wonderful music including Carmen’s Habanera, Escamillo’s Toreador Song and Don José’s Flower Song. A familiar tale, but not as you expect it…


pop-up opera mozart double bill

A Mozart double bill:

Der Schauspieldirektor
(The Impresario)Bastien und Bastienne
(A parody of a pastoral romance)

Tickets £35
Finger food in the interval (included in the cost of the ticket)

  • Sunday 20th May 2018 5:30pm

  • Saturday 16th June 2018 7:30pm

  • Sunday 29th July 2018 5:30pm

Please email to be notified of any returns.

Alzheimer’s Society

Returning with a twist to their summer season, Pop-up Opera will present a special Mozart double bill with two entrancing one-act comedies showcasing Mozart’s inimitable style and sense of playfulness. Each performance is skilfully adapted to its venue as Pop-up take their operas into unusual and unique spaces around the UK, making them fun, fresh and intimate.

This lively double bill allows for a closer study of Mozart’s oeuvre as it explores two works written at very different times in Mozart’s life. The first opera Der Schauspieldirektor was written in the last five years of his life whereas he composed Bastien und Bastienne when he was just twelve years old.

These engaging operas bring together amazing vocal acrobatics alongside Pop-up’s signature ‘silent movie’ captions to tell the story in which a pair of actresses battle it out to be the prima donna and a pair of lovers tease and test their feelings for each other.

Pop-up Opera’s Summer Season 2018 will see an exciting new collaboration with New British Music Theatre Award nominee Anna Pool, critically acclaimed for her bold and fiery, original directing style, who will be working alongside the company’s talented Musical Director, Berrak Dyer.

Anna Pool comments, It’s so exciting to get to work with Mozart at two key moments in his career; one (Bastien und Bastienne) as the child prodigy, right at the start of it all, and the other (Der Schauspieldirektor) as the genius in one of his most creative periods. His world is vivid, funny, ridiculous and still, over 200 years later, utterly relatable. Lovers fight, pine, manipulate. Artists argue, create and constantly battle against an ever-rising tide of funding cuts! I'm really enjoying exploring the characters that sprang from Mozart's head and allowing them to make their home in so many fantastic spaces is hugely rewarding.

Some rehearsal shots for the Mozart Double Bill (photography: Lidia Crisafulli)


Pop-up Opera

Pop-up Opera is an innovative touring opera company dedicated to making opera enjoyable and inviting, without losing the quality of musical performance. Their aim is to broaden the appeal of opera and to challenge the way opera is performed, by taking it into unusual spaces and making it fun, fresh and intimate.

Productions are fully staged, then adapted to each new space they go into, making every performance unique. Performances showcase exciting new operatic talent, professional opera singers in the first stage of promising careers. They aim to bring pleasure to those who are hesitant about opera, as well as to dedicated opera lovers; to open the hidden door to this art form and make even more seasoned opera goers feel like they have been given a secret backstage pass. Find out more about Pop-up Opera.

“A two-hour explosion of beautiful music, top-class singing, and exceptional acting... I honestly cannot imagine anyone, of any age or class or tastes, who would have been bored or unmoved.”

The Times